12.6. | 18:00 | Caterina de Nicola: Lonely Fans

as part of our program we are presenting the new project by Caterina de Nicola. A custom built sound system inspired by the libertine novel from 1742 «Le Sopha, conte moral» by the French writer Claude Prosper Jolyot de Crébillon. The story told by Crébillon in his book concerns a young courtier, Amanzéï, whose soul is condemned to inhabit a series of sofas and not to reincarnate in a human body until two lovers have consumed their passion upon the sofa he «inhabited» 
Caterina invites various artist to sonically inhabit her sofas and break the spell

sound works by:
Dave Phillips
Alexander Iezzi
Axel Kolb
Flavio Merlo
Dj Balli
Luc Häfiger
Rafal Skoczek
Tapiwa Svosve
Nihil Fist
Jack Callahan
Dominic Michel

in collaboration with Czarnagora @czarnagora 
Flyer: Rafal Skoczek
photo: James Bantoneart
direction : Nils Amadeus Lange