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Verlängert bis So, 12.3.

Öffnungszeiten während der Ausstellung:
Sa 4.3. / 15–20h
So 5.3. / 15 – 20h
Mo 6.3. / 15 – 20h
Di 7.3. / 12 – 15h
Do 9.3./ 17 – 20h
Fr 10.3./ 17 – 20h
Sa 11.3./ 15 – 20h
So 12.3./ 13 – 15h

or appointment on request

hello there; I’m a swiss artist (*1985) just back in Zurich after 19 years in Germany (Heidelberg, Hamburg, Rostock, Berlin).
With «TRANSMISSION» I give an insight into current works, processes and states of transmitting.

In intuitive spontaneous reaction to the outside world many of my works are created in flow and interdisciplinary mix. Results often turn out poetic. Somehow I can sum it up with the fields of graphics, video, installation and performance.

Vernissage is on Friday 3 March from 19 – 22+h with music and drinks.
Looking forward to meet you! at Wartsaal Zürich-Wipkingen, Dammstrasse 54

more about me:
on instagram
my portfolio (PDF)

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